What sets A Place 2 Store apart from the competition

Total privacy

Protect your privacy. A Place 2 Store’s technology gives you exclusive control over your files’ encryption keys. NOBODY can ever see your files but you.

Nonstop protection

Don’t take chances with services that only back up daily or monthly. A Place 2 Store continually backs you up throughout the day. So if your computer crashes, you won’t lose hours of work.

No limits on file size

A Place 2 Store can handle even the biggest files – photos, videos, and more!

Unlimited computers

Back up ALL your computers to one account, with no extra charges.

Files archived permanently

While many services keep files only 30 days, A Place 2 Store holds on to your backups forever (as long as you’re subscribed.) This can be critical if you don’t realize something is missing right away.

Efficient backup

After the initial backup, A Place 2 Store only backs up the changes and new files since the last backup. This saves you Internet bandwidth.

View anywhere

Your documents will display beautifully across all your devices, regardless of the program they were created in.

With a great service like A Place 2 Store available for such a low price, there’s no reason anyone should let their precious files should go unprotected.

So go ahead — Protect. Share. Do more…for less!